Why Asphalt Parking Lots are Perfect for New Jersey Businesses

Asphalt parking lots are everywhere in New Jersey, and there are plenty of good reasons for that. They’re inexpensive, they’re attractive, and they’re ideal for any commercial property. Yet the benefits of asphalt paving goes farther than just a pretty place for your customers or visitors to park; here’s why this construction material is ideal for New Jersey businesses.

They Won’t Wither, No Matter the Weather

No construction material will last forever; that’s just a fact of life. However, even understanding that, asphalt parking lots are some of the most durable types of lots anywhere. With just a little bit of inexpensive, preventative maintenance, you can extend the life — and the attractiveness — of a typical asphalt lot for years.

There are even more steps you can take to keep your lot looking pristine and welcoming at your place of business as well. When you combine an asphalt lot with a sealcoating, you’ve just virtually guaranteed that your lot will stay clean and fresh-looking for the next three to five years, resulting in some serious savings over time.

Safety is a Serious Boon

Well-maintained, sealcoated asphalt parking lots don’t just save your business on repaving costs — they actually make your property safer. Properly paved and graded lots naturally repel water, and this ability makes it easy to channel that water to appropriate spots for better drainage. Rainy spring days — of which New Jersey has its fair share — don’t have to result in unsightly and unsafe standing water that visitors have to brave to get to your front door.

Asphalt is just as good during those sometimes nasty tri-state winters as well. The dark coloration of asphalt parking lots encourages snow to melt faster, and that melted water then gets drained away instead of solidifying into dangerous patches of ice. And keeping asphalt lots clean from debris in the fall is a snap, as accumulated dirt and fallen leaves can easily be managed with the aid of your favorite landscaper’s leafblower!

Quick and Easy

Easy maintenance for asphalt parking lots is a serious boon, but let’s not forget one of their biggest advantages as well — how quickly new asphalt can be laid. After new pavement is in place, it’s only a matter of hours before it’s ready for use. This is a major difference from other paving materials like concrete, which can sometimes take days to harden and cure.

Quick maintenance is also a snap when it comes to asphalt lots. Patching cracks and filling potholes take no time at all, and while it’s always recommended that an experienced professional does any maintenance, it’s more than possible for a property manager to do routine maintenance with a commercially available asphalt patch kit. How’s that for convenience?

Asphalt Parking Lots – Your First Choice

So there you have it: asphalt parking lots are cleaner, safer, more attractive, and more cost-effective than any other type of paved lot. If your Jersey business property needs to repave their parking lot, make asphalt your first choice in construction materials. You won’t be disappointed.