Parking Lot Paving Cost: Not As Expensive As the Alternative

No one ever said that it was cheap to get your commercial lot paved. Yet a parking lot paving cost isn’t nearly as high as the alternatives. If you choose not to have your lot paved, a dirt or gravel lot can become a massive — and expensive — nightmare before you even know it.

Parking Lot Paving Cost Versus Mud and Flood

You can certainly save on initial costs by a lot if you leave your gravel or dirt parking lot as it is. No need to have it graded, paved, and painted in that case, and that means no parking lot paving cost will spoil your day. But the money you save on not paving that natural lot is going to come out in the wash — and then some — the first time you get some wet weather.

Gravel lots are prone to getting washed out in extremely heavy rains, leading to exposed earth in some spots and making it more likely for pools of standing water to form. Meanwhile, even the most hard-packed dirt lots can turn into mud pits with enough damp weather. Fixing giant mud holes or re-seeding lots with gravel can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you need to do so more than once a season. Compare that to a paved lot, which can last for years, and the difference is clear.

Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting

It’s obvious that a one-time investment of having your lot paved is going to pay off because your maintenance needs are going to be minuscule in comparison. But the true benefit when it comes to parking lot paving costs is that you can keep the health of a paved lot even higher with very little additional time and effort invested.

The trick lies in having your new lot sealcoated after it’s done. This clear protective coating extends the life of your lot by anywhere from three to five years by blocking the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. The result is asphalt that stays darker for longer, parking stripes that stay bright and clean, and a resistance to cracking and pitting that minimizes the amount of preventative maintenance you’ll need to keep your lot in good shape. Yes, a sealcoat will increase your parking lot paving cost a bit initially, but the overall savings more than pay for itself in no time.

The Final Word on Reducing Lot Costs

It’s very much true that your parking lot paving cost up front will seem high, especially if you choose to invest in sealcoating as well. Yet it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of your paved lot over the course of its lifetime will be much less than a dirt or even a gravel lot. Your paved lot will not need constant maintenance as a non-paved lot will after particularly wet seasons. On top of that, it will attract more visitors because of its high aesthetic value and the increased curb appeal it brings to your commercial site, which means that your business will be more profitable overall.

If you’re looking to better your business by increasing curb appeal, making it safer for visitors, and reducing the money you spend on maintenance, paving your parking lot is one of the best options you have. Contact your local paving company today for an estimate!