Hotel Parking Lot Paving Do’s and Don’ts: Making Guests Feel Welcome

Hotel parking lot paving isn’t the first thing that owners or operators think of when it comes to guest services. However, the state of your parking lot plays a much larger role than you might think at first glance. In fact, keeping your parking lot in good condition could be crucial to the happiness and safety of your guests. The following do’s and don’ts will help you navigate this oft-overlooked facet of guest comfort and satisfaction.

Why You Should Improve the Look of Your Hotel Parking Lot

Pop quiz: what’s the first thing a guest experiences when they arrive at your hotel? Even before they enter your lobby and are greeted by your front desk staff, they’re going to pull into your parking lot and park their car. In other words, the very first impression that your new guest has when it comes to your hotel is the state of your hotel parking lot paving. This makes a well-maintained parking lot part of your overall strategy in providing guest services.

What does a well-paved parking lot say to a guest? It makes it obvious that the hotel they chose has management that cares about appearances and overall guest experience. Besides that, though, keeping your lot maintained well will actually help your bottom line, as preventative maintenance carried out regularly will cost you less than emergency repairs or even having to completely re-pave a lot that has been allowed to go to seed.

Hotel Parking Lot Paving Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to hotel parking lot paving is to ignore or downplay any damage to the lot. This one is less obvious than you might think since asphalt paving wears down naturally with exposure to traffic and the elements. However, hile wear-and-tear over time is both natural and to be expected, just because an initially well-paved lot is bound to deteriorate doesn’t mean you can slack on regular maintenance.

Above and beyond the fact that a crumbling hotel parking lot with faded parking lines dotted with more cracks and craters than the surface of Pluto is a terrible eyesore, damaged parking lots can be dangerous threats to the safety of your guests. Turning an ankle on a crack or damaging a tire or vehicle suspension after bottoming out on a pothole can hurt business, especially if your hotel ends up financially responsible for any damage or injuries sustained.

A Professional Parking Lot Requires Professional Care

Between the benefits of a well-maintained lot and the drawbacks of a neglected one, it should now be quite obvious how important it is to keep your hotel parking lot in good shape. However, there is one more facet of hotel parking lot paving that needs to be discussed: the physical act of maintenance.

Don’t feel as if you need to handle such a specialized job yourself. Your lot deserves professional care, so never hesitate in contacting a skilled and qualified paving company. Whether you need cracks and potholes patched, parking lines repainted, or your entire lot repaved, you need to make a call to a professional paver first. Remember: your guests deserve the best, and so does your parking lot!