Blacktop Sealcoating: How it Can Save Your Business

Blacktop sealcoating is a great choice if you’re concerned with aesthetics. It’s the best way to keep your asphalt nice and dark and your parking stripes clear and crisp, which contributes to an attractive parking lot for your customers or visitors. Cost-conscious building owners often skip it, though, because the good looks don’t justify the added costs. It turns out this is a major mistake because blacktop sealcoating does a lot more than keeping your lot looking good.

Keeping Repair and Maintenance Costs Down

Blacktop sealcoating doesn’t just make your lot look good — it makes your last commercial repaving more affordable. Sealcoating your new lot protects it from the elements in a way that makes it last longer and require less preventative maintenance in a way that provides you overall savings over the years.

Sealcoating is a long-term investment that pays off in a major way. In fact, a good blacktop sealcoating can help prevent damage to your parking lot for as long as five years at a time under optimal conditions. This results in the cost of your new parking lot becoming much more manageable as a result; if you’re paying next to nothing in maintenance during this time, you’ll have resources for other business costs.

Blacktop Sealcoating Protects Visitors and Customers

Not having to spend as much on maintaining your parking lot is an obvious advantage to your bottom line, especially in times of rough economic weather making it hard to keep your business open. That, combined with the pure aesthetics of a good-looking parking lot, helps to attract customers, and that helps keep the doors open.

There’s another benefit to a good sealcoating, though, as the wear and tear it prevents does more than reduce your maintenance costs and keep your parking lot looking neat and tidy. Blacktop sealcoating also prevents the kind of wear and tear that could lead to exposing you to liability from people getting hurt. Visitors or customers that trip over a crack or pothole in your parking lot could end up injured, and if this leads to even just one costly insurance claim or lawsuit, the costs of these events can easily spell disaster for a business.

Don’t Take Any Chances

Keeping a business open in the current economic climate is a major endeavor, especially as financial markets continue to be uncertain and volatile. That’s why it’s a good idea to play it safe and to make smart investments in the future success of your business.

It’s for these very reasons that a good blacktop sealcoating is one of the best investments you can make in your own financial future. Reduce your overhead from not having to repair your lot as often; benefit from having a lot that attracts positive attention from customers. Finally, safeguard your place of business from unwanted liability. Contact your local commercial paving contractor today and ask them more about blacktop sealcoating and how it can help save your own business!