The Best Blacktop Sealer for Keeping Your Asphalt Safe

Your new asphalt parking lot is a major investment, and it’s one that cost lots of time and effort to get it just the way you wanted it. That’s why a good sealcoat is your best bet to protect that investment. But what’s the best blacktop sealer to keep that pristine, shiny, black expanse of asphalt looking brand new? Here’s what you should know.

The Best Blacktop Sealer is the One That Protects Your Lot

Let’s be honest here: there are dozens of different brands of blacktop sealers out there. Each one does a pretty good job of protecting your asphalt from degrading over time, but there are some major differences from one to another. Direct comparisons can be difficult because the companies that make sealers use proprietary formulas, but there are some general guidelines you can rely on.

First and foremost, the best blacktop sealer is likely one that uses filled-sealer formulas. These types of asphalt sealers contain more solid ingredients that fill in minuscule cracks and holes that are leftover from the paving process, protecting them better from the elements than sealers with fewer solids. Another way to recognize a good sealer is one that has a longer warranty than others. As even the best blacktop sealer wears down over time, sealers that come with longer warranties are usually higher quality.

Other Differences Between Good and Bad Sealcoating Products

Type of fill and length of warranty are good gauges when it comes to choosing the best blacktop sealer, but there are other things to consider as well. One is the overall cost of the sealer, either per bucket of sealcoating or per job as conducted by your paving contractor. More expensive sealers tend to last longer and provide better coverage, though this isn’t always a universal rule. When it comes to having your sealcoating done by a paver, you should always get an estimate from two or more different contractors to price compare.

Be aware that in the long run doing it yourself might actually be more expensive than having a contractor sealcoat your asphalt. That’s because paving companies can buy professional-grade sealers in bulk while you’re limited to 5-gallon buckets from your local hardware store. This means you might actually spend less on a higher-grade sealer if you select a contractor.

Don’t Go It Alone: Rely On Expert Help

Selecting the best asphalt sealer for your parking lot or driveway can certainly be a challenge, even with the information provided here. Balancing cost versus effectiveness isn’t easy, after all — and neither is applying a sealcoat yourself! That’s why it’s best left to the experts.

The smartest choice for sealcoating is always to rely on your local paving contractor, one with years of experience in sealing asphalt against the elements. Not only will they get the job done and get it done right, but it’s also likely to be more affordable than doing it yourself. That’s what we call a win-win!