How to Hire the Best Asphalt Paving Contractors for You

When you have to get your commercial building’s parking lot repaved or repairs, it’s important to choose from the best asphalt paving contractors in the area. It’s not easy to identify which are the best, though, and that means you’ve got to identify ways to know whether you’re going to get quality work from your paving contractor before you hire them. This is sometimes easier said than done, which is why we’ve come up with this quick and informative guide to hiring the best asphalt paving contractors for your needs.

You’ve Got to Put In the Time

It takes time and energy to do a good asphalt paving job. By the same token, that’s why you need to take your time in finding the right professional pavers for your project. You’ve got to pay close attention during this process if you want to get the best results, just like how you want your chosen paving contractor to take their time and get your job done right. Here’s how to approach any of the asphalt paving contractors you’re thinking of hiring.

  • Watch the estimate or quote process: Each parking lot or driveway is different, and that means each paving job requires a unique, hands-on approach. That starts with the estimate and price quote. If you’re talking to asphalt paving contractors that provide you an estimate or a quote without coming out to your job site and taking detailed pictures or measurements, this lack of attention to detail might indicate they’re not the best match for you.
  • Ask them about their asphalt mix: Find out how the paving company mixes its paving materials. Because of its very nature, asphalt mix can be made with recycled pavement. This is great for keeping costs down and also benefits the environment by reusing existing pavement pieces, but if you want to have all-fresh materials in your pavement make sure you make that known.
  • Talk about advanced requirements: For just about any size paving project, whether it’s a small driveway or a major commercial lot, there are advanced requirements you might not think about. These requirements can and will differ from site to site, depending on a number of environmental factors such as the amount of vehicle and foot traffic and the local weather and climate. For example, make sure your paving contractor has a full plan in mind for crucial things like grading and drainage for your project to avoid damage caused by standing water.
  • Check portfolios or former client recommendations: The best asphalt paving contractors have a long string of successfully completed projects in their wake, and they’re often proud of these projects. Many companies will be happy to show you their portfolio of completed projects so you can judge their quality for yourself. Likewise, you can also ask to be put in contact with former clients to see if they would recommend the contractors to others. Companies that can’t show you proudly-finished handiwork or don’t have much in the way of happy customers to refer you to are most likely not a good fit for your project.

Get The Best Asphalt Paving Contractors for Your Best Bet

Even a modest asphalt paving job is a major commitment of resources on your part. Make sure you get your money’s worth and you receive the highest quality service that you can afford. Choose your paving contractors carefully and you’ll get just that.