The Asphalt Patch: Saving You From Repaving Your Entire Lot

Asphalt parking lots, by their very nature, require lots of preventative maintenance. Thankfully, this paving material is also very forgiving — in many cases, an asphalt patch over a crack or a pothole is usually enough to keep your lot safe and tidy. In fact, the humble asphalt patch is your best defense against having to have your entire lot repaved, but only if you know what you’re doing.

Patch Early, Patch Often

The asphalt patch is perfect for routine maintenance. Filling cracks and small potholes before they can turn into major migraines requires you to take timely action, though. It also requires you to know your parking lot inside and out so that when you notice a new spot that seems to be crumbling you’re not taken by surprise.

In fact, the earlier you spot problem areas in your lot and the quicker you get them patched, the longer your lot will last overall between repavings or resurfacings. This, plus other regular maintenance, such as leaf and snow removal and ensuring your lot drainage remains unblocked, can help you stretch your facilities budget quite well — especially since an asphalt patch is so affordable.

The Asphalt Patch Keeps Your Lot Safe and Sound

Everyone knows that a cratered parking lot that resembles nothing so much as the surface of the moon is about as attractive as a root canal. Keeping your lot in good shape by patching potholes and filling cracks whenever you find them sends a positive message to your visitors, your customers, and even your staff, showcasing your attention to detail and your dedication to making a good impression.

At the same time, making it your policy to apply an asphalt patch whenever needed as soon as possible also keeps your parking lot safer. Cracked, crumbling pavement riddled with potholes is an absolute safety hazard, capable of turning ankles or wrecking axles, both of which could lead to any number of accidents and injuries. It’s almost a guarantee that the increased premiums you’ll end up paying on your insurance policy will far exceed the cost of any asphalt patching, so it’s in your best interest to keep your lot safe and sound!

The Perfect Solution For Your Commercial Parking Lot

No matter how you slice it, keeping your commercial parking lot in good shape by looking for problem spots regularly and then patching those problem spots is the best solution for lot maintenance. In many cases, you can apply an asphalt patch yourself through by purchasing a kit at a local hardware store. This is ideal for small jobs or if you have lot maintenance experience.

However, if you have an especially large lot, or if you’re not confident in your ability to patch your parking lot unaided, it’s always best to contact your local paving company for assistance. Leaving it to the experts is always a good idea, and you can rest assured that the job will get done quickly, inexpensively, and well!