Asphalt Maintenance: Why You Need to Keep Your Lot Looking Good

Asphalt maintenance is often the last thing on your mind as a building owner or a property manager. You’ve got enough to worry about when it comes to running your commercial business without having to think about whether your parking lot stripes are fresh or your asphalt is new, right?

Well, maybe not. The truth is that keeping the parking lot of your commercial building looking good is an important goal to keep in mind. In fact, asphalt maintenance plays a major role in the success of your business. Here’s why it’s so key to keep your lot in good shape.

A Good-Looking Lot Means a More Attractive Business

There’s something to be said about curb appeal. It’s important when you’re selling your house, as nobody wants the worst-looking house on the block. By that same token, few people feel great about shopping at a retail store or conducting important business at an office that has a ragged-looking parking lot.

Businesses can rise and fall on their reputation. Do you want to be sending a message that the companies on your property, the ones that share that old and decrepit-looking parking lot, don’t care enough to have a clean and attractive lot for clients and customers? An unwelcoming environment does not support your property’s ability to generate income. In this way, maintaining your asphalt lot is an investment in the future.

Asphalt Maintenance is About More than Just Good Looks

A lot riddled with cracks and potholes, with faded asphalt, and faded, barely visible parking stripes is a major eyesore to be sure. But there’s more at stake than just the reputation or image of your building and the business inside it — there are safety issues associated with parking lots in need of asphalt maintenance.

Visitors traversing a cratered parking lot risk serious injury, especially if there are deep cracks and wide potholes. The repercussions for being found legally responsible for any medical costs associated with injuries caused by a poorly maintained lot can range from raising your insurance premiums at the best — or costly lawsuits that could destroy your business.

Asphalt Maintenance: Easier and More Affordable Than You Think

So you’ve heeded the warnings about what a poorly maintained parking lot can do to your business and you’re ready to take the next step. Good news: asphalt maintenance is neither as expensive as you think it is, nor is it as time-consuming. In fact, most reputable paving companies can have your old lot looking good as new in no time, all without charging you an arm and a leg.

In fact, depending on how much maintenance your lot needs, the resources you need to commit to having your lot brought back into good shape can be minimal. Preventative maintenance to patch and fill small cracks prevents them from growing larger. This precludes you from spending even more time and money to have large cracks or potholes filled and patched, extending the life of your lot — and the productivity of your business site.

The Final Word on Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt maintenance is, simply put, a requirement for any commercial site that has an attached parking lot. Keeping your commercial lot clean and in good shape attracts better business prospects, keeps your visitors safe, and protects you from legal liability all at the same time. With simple repairs so affordable, be sure to have asphalt maintenance done early and often. Call your local paving professionals and ask for an estimate today.